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GG Sports And Gaming
Good Game!


Day Camps

Summer, Winter, Spring Break

Experience our full GG Sports and Gaming program all in one week!

Video Game Instruction

eSports Team Building

Sport-Specific Physical Activity

eSports School Team

You and your friends can create your own eSports Team at your school and compete against other schools.  We provide the equipment, coaches, and curriculum

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Of children quit playing organized sports by the end of 8th grade


Of teens play video games regularly

As the trend of middle schoolers playing video games goes up while their participation in organized sports goes down, the definition of a screen play also changes. The playing field is no longer blades of grass but millions of pixels. And as parents, it becomes even more important to find ways to balance the benefits of playing on both fields.


GG Sports and Gaming brings the new world of eSports together with the structure and coaching typically found in traditional team sports and was founded with one mission in mind:

Teach Life Lessons that sports used to teach kids using eSports, because that's where the kids are today.  We present our teams with challenges that must be overcome, how to work effectively in a team, and the discipline to accomplish a common goal. 

We achieve this not only through a proprietary curriculum, but we also incorporate an "all controllers down" time, balancing physical and mental development in front of and away from the screen - with the overall goal of each class resulting in the sportsmanship required for a 

Good Game!



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